A group of influencers, both UK based and international, were invited to Croatia with St.Moriz to promote a range of new products. During the trip the influencers stayed in St.Moriz branded hotel rooms, where every day of the trip was organised to match each new product being launched. The trip consisted of 4 days in total:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
 I was involved in the design and branding of various parts of the event including table designs for the dinners hosted; menu designs, name placement cards, coasters and placement mats.
Day OnE
​​​​​​​The influencers arrived at the hotel, where the rooms were carefully curated into a St. Moriz branded haven. The bathrooms were kitted out with a range of St.Moriz tanning products for their own personal use, as well as beach towels, beach bags and swimwear, adding to the luxurious experience. The daytime arrival was followed by an evening dinner, where the products were displayed at the table alongside a chic St.Moriz branded table top.
The influencers partook in a beachfront yoga session with St.Moriz branded clothing and water bottles, followed by a luscious breakfast. Later that evening they were taken to another stylish dinner where, again, the products were displayed and the St.Moriz brand was enforced through a clean-cut and stylish table design.
The influencers were taken to a more private setting at some of Croatia's most scenic beaches. They boarded a St.Moriz branded boat and were taken across the water to partake in a refreshing lunch. The evening consisted of a St.Moriz themed night out, where the influencers were granted access as VIPs to a lively and chic club in Split. The evening had branded menus and drink stirrers. 
The influencers had the opportunity to simply chill out, pool-side, before returning home after the unique trip.
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