Sleek MakeUP launched their 'Say It Loud' lipstick collection by inviting influencers and press to a Christina Aguilera concert, complete with a hotel stay and gifting. This would thus enable influencers to have content to post on social media, advertising the new range to their followers.
My involvement included; designing all of the vinyls for the launch event. I designed lipstick kiss vinyls, quote vinyls and vinyls which covered tabletop surfaces. These were placed on mirrors, at the hotel rooms and around the concert venue to create an environment for the perfect influencer snap. The influencers would post their photos on social platforms to advertise the makeup launch.
I also designed CD covers which mimicked an actual album, but instead included information about the different lipsticks in Sleek's new collection. These correlated with Christina Aguilera tracks for a fun and quirky twist on information design.
Furthermore I designed foam boards which were used as props in influencer snaps.
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