Sleek MakeUP wanted to launch their new 'Sunset Vibes' makeup range through an experiential event. This would thus enable influencers to have content to post on social media, advertising the new range to their followers.
Boxes were carefully crafted and filled with Sleek products and goodies to be sent out to all influencers and press involved, before and after the event. My involvement in this was designing the boxes to encapsulate the given theme 'golden hour' whilst also following Sleek's strong brand guidelines.
These were sent out to influencers and press before the event and contained Sleek makeup; to be used to glam up for the BRIT awards. I designed the boxes so that they introduced Sleek using a timeline; starting with when they first launched up until the 2020 BRIT awards event. In line with the theme and branding, I ensured the design reflected the style of their new products and also used the London skyline as a motif in correlation with the BRIT awards. 
These were sent out and intended for use as a 'hangover cure' (with the BRIT awards being a big night out - it made them apt!). They were delivered to the influencers the following morning at their hotel rooms and contained more Sleek products and other essential hangover goodies. Again, I ensured the design echoed the theme, branding and also the idea of a new, fresh day ('Rise and shine') aided by Sleek themselves. 
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